Henderson County Heritage Museum


In August 2010, the Heritage Museum began a significant rotation of exhibits in the Bo Thomas Room. The first on the list of "frequent rotations" featured the legacy of the Flat Rock Playhouse, the State Theatre of North Carolina.

Computer-generated information is located in all rooms. Special events, as well as displays and artifacts, enhance each thematic display.

Plaques outside the museum rooms recognize donations that made these history-filled spaces possible.

The Henderson County Heritage Museum is dedicated to the lives of those who came before and who entrusted "this goodly heritage" to those who will follow.

When the museum first opened in April of 2008, the entire exhibit was titled "Let Freedom Ring," designed to commemorate the service of the people of Henderson County who lost their lives on the field of battle. During almost 250 years of armed struggles; they created, expanded, and made safe our land, while striving to free others from oppression.

This exceptional exhibit continues today as an essential part of the museum and is housed in the Rudnick, Bailey, and corridor areas.

                      Civil War diorama

"This, the story of Henderson County, is a living legacy which has been handed down from the past."
(Sadie Smathers Patton, author of The History of Henderson County, 1947).

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