Let Freedom Ring

Louise Howe Bailey Room

The Louise Bailey Room, named in honor of a well-known and respected local historian, houses that part of our inaugural exhibit “Let Freedom Ring” which focuses on

1940 – Present

MULTI-MEDIA -Watch videos and listen to audio recordings with our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines telling about their experiences in each of these wars. Watch a video and view photographs taken on the county’s HonorAir trips honoring our World War II veterans. See the names and note where those who lost their lives in Korea and Vietnam are buried. Listen to the music from World War II to the present that honors our veterans and active-duty military personnel.

WORLD WAR II – The epic struggle of “The Great War” is represented in our museum with exhibits honoring our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. The 1942 Army infantry sergeant is prepared for the North African campaign in all-original clothing and equipment. The 1942 Marine staff sergeant is prepared for battles in the island jungles of the South Pacific. The 1944 Army Air Force aviator represents a Tuskegee aviator in Italy. Our Navy display case features an assortment of original artifacts from ships during the war and an original Navy uniform, with artifacts also from the Merchant Marine and the Coast Guard.

KOREAN WAR – The Korean War found men from Henderson County fighting the Communist North Koreans and Chinese in the nation of Korea. Our 1952 Korean War infantryman appears in all-original accoutrement. This armed winter soldier gives evidence to the harsh conditions endured in America’s “forgotten war.” Other original artifacts from this war can be seen in the display case. Learn about the men from our county who died in battle or still officially listed as missing from prison camps. Stop and look at their photographs and remember.

VIETNAM WAR – The Vietnam War was a struggle in which our county’s soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen won almost every battle but suffered the ignominy of strategic defeat. Our museum dedicates a figure of an artillery recon sergeant in 1968 in the Mekong Delta. This exhibit is dedicated to the men and women from our county who fought and died in a war where they received no thanks. Other original artifacts from the war can be seen in a display case. One wall of the museum honors the men from Henderson County who lost their lives in Vietnam.

WAR ON TERRORISM – Desert Storm in 1991 marked America’s first massive military reaction to new pressures from dictators. Men and women from Henderson County were called to action again after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The men and women who have, are and will be going into harm’s way in this struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan are commemorated in this exhibit. A 1991 infantry sergeant is dressed for desert combat.